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Dragon boat festival is a long
Part 5
Dragon boat festival is a long -standing traditional festival, which appeared in China more than 25,000 years ago, taking place on 5/5 lunar calendar every year to celebrate the Lunar New Year and wish a happy new year. , peace.
This festival consists of 2 parts. For the ceremony, the fishermen will offer incense, showing respect to the ancestors and the gods of the sea. This is considered a very important and spiritual part of the festival. By the next day, the main part will be. Visitors will enjoy the talent of the fishermen's boat racing and go through the most dramatic and attractive moments.
Tiếng Việt
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1. yes. Knowing about them makes me expand your knowledge
2. We should learn them by reading newspapers or looking up the Internet
3. I often look for the culture and customs there
Part 6
My wish is to become an accountant. It really is a fascinating profession. I chose this profession because I like the numbers, I want to be calculated with the numbers every day.And at present I am studying in Institute of Policy and Development. I will strive to become real good at accounting. Hope my dreams can make us perfect. I will endeavour to study real good to dream is not just a dream.
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1. Dreams are desires to achieve something, do something, or become someone. Ambitions are big dreams that people always aspire to achieve.
2. I think these are creative, communicative jobs such as: marketing, accounting, …
3.Yes because it will make us more passionate about our work
 Part 7
I really like comedy and cartoons because it gives me a lot of interesting experiences and makes me laugh so that’s why I love watching Tom & Jerry. The movie tells about a cat named Tom and a witty mouse named Jerry. These two animals live together in the same house, from which arose bad situations. Every time I watch this movie, I also have great laughter. If I could only choose one movie to watch all my life, it would be Tom & Jerry for me.
Trả lời câu hỏi:
1. When I was a kid, I spent more time watching cartoons than now
2. In my spare time I like to be alone to watch movies
3. We should: go out with friends, do sports, watch movies, …
Part 8:
Hanoi is one of the two largest city centers in Vietnam and is a place of exchange for many cultures. Today Hanoi is associated with architectural works with massive high-rise buildings. Providing jobs for more than 100 000 people from many provinces. Meet the standards of a modern, busy city. Despite being a thriving city, Hanoi still retains its ancient beauty, both modern and floral. Besides the famous landscapes, Hanoi also has many typical dishes such as Pho. Hanoi is the ideal destination for career opportunities.
Tiếng Việt
Trả lời câu hỏi:
1. A good city needs a good natural environment, friendly people, suitable for personal development
2. I like living in the city to develop myself
3. Yes because the cost of living here is quite low, the people here are very kind and friendly, they are always ready to help each other when in trouble.

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